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      Leading The Way

      Welcome to Premier Machinery & Components. A wholly Australian owned company distributing the world's leading Engine Reconditioning Machines, Equipment and Tooling in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

      Premier is also Australia's leading manufacturer of quality Engine Parts including Welch Plugs, Valve guides, Valve Guide Liners, Valve Seats, Head/Block dowels, Sump Plugs & Washers plus much more.

      Our experience and knowledge is second to none and we remain committed to servicing all your engine reconditioning needs. Find out more

      Latest News


      Engine Builder Magazine

      Performing valve jobs is one of the most crucial areas of the engine building business. According to our most recent Machine Shop Market Profile, cylinder heads for gas engines account for nearly 1...

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      Premier Partners

      We are partnered with the leading Worldwide Suppliers in our industry.


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